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The story began in Dubai

It was with dedicated passion and ambition that the Top Perfumer for Perfumes company was launched in Dubai in 2013. It aimed to be a milestone in the Gulf and in the international perfumes markets, which are known to be very competitive, and with extremely high standards. In a few years, the company grew phenomenally to become one of the big players, thanks to its pioneering vision and diversity of products, along with the impeccable quality of its perfumes. We are proud of our achievement and welcome you to share its success story.

Our products and their amazing features

At Top Perfumer, we value and celebrate the virtue of beauty. We realize that our customers deserve and expect the best. We spare no effort to ensure that each customer can find something that is as beautifully unique as they are. Every customer celebrates life in their own special way, and uniqueness is a signature of their personality. So, we created an extensive range of carefully designed products, to meet the wide variety of tastes of our customers of all ages and cultures and preference. We infuse their world with the beautiful ambience of fragrances and perfumes that bring alive their world with fascinating joys and meaningful happiness.

Whether it is with cosmetics that accentuate their beauty, or with incense and oud that suffuse their “Majlis” with a magical atmosphere of evocative luxury, confidence, elegance and beauty, our products add that touch of wonderment and enchantment to our customers.

We take pride in the fact that our products have won the quality certification from the global GMP system, and are qualified to meet the aspirations of customers from the East and the West. That uniqueness distinguishes us from the others. Our success has been gloriously achieved because our products combine the originality of the East with the elegance and modernity of the West.

Passion for greater excellence

Being completely dedicated to our constant endeavour of providing excellence to our clients, we offer bespoke custom-made luxury gift boxes and cases that are finely crafted to client specifications. The client's name will be impressively monogrammed or printed on the box or case, to be reflective of their distinguished brand name and their high status, and also highlight our own insistence on striving to ensure the highest quality.

Where do we sell our products

Our business is currently concentrated in the Arabian Gulf region, which is not only a rich and promising market, but also full of challenges that drive our passion, inspire us, and make us more determined. It is a market that has tens of millions of people from more than 200 different nationalities, with different tastes and individual demands. That is why we are working closely with them to discover more about this world of ever evolving beauty and to reach beyond its spectacular horizons. We are working hard and sincerely, to reach them wherever they are. Our products are now available in 16 different points of sale in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the Kingdom of Bahrain. We have ambitious plans to open more points of sale in order to reach more lovers of luxury perfumes, incense, oud, cosmetics, luxury boxes and vanity cases in the rest of the region and in global markets.

Our goal is the top

The sales of Top Perfumer have grown far more phenomenally than expected, since the launch of our first products. This encouraged us and made us confident of our direction. We realize that we have an excellent understanding of the tastes and desires of our customers. At the same time, it gave us a vital boost of confidence to plan for the future, both in the near future and the distant one, to add more to our product package to capitalize further on our successes. We are continuously looking ahead, with our vision clear and focused. We are confident that our brand will soon rise to take its place alongside the world's most reputed perfume brands, not only in our region but throughout the world.